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Updated 2 years ago

Pour over coffee kit

A flavourful cup of coffee is made by pouring water rhythmically on a bed of freshly ground coffee beans. Water is poured according to a time schedule. 30g at 0 seconds... 100g at 30 seconds and another 100g at 60 seconds... It sounds complex and time-consuming but interestingly; meditative. This has been my morning ritual for the past few months. I still mess up sometimes, but I am getting better each day. I'm learning to let go of mistakes, knowing that I can always try again.


Cast iron pot

I loved cooking tough cuts of meat with my electric pressure cooker. Add ingredients, press a button - you get a pot of curry after 30 minutes. Cooking with the pressure cooker might seem convenient and fast, but the final result often yields a pot of mushy curry. It lacks the complexity and depth that comes from slowly cooking meat in a cast iron pot over a stovetop.


Single-purposed knife

The Japanese discovered that cutting through small joints between bones is the most efficient way to debone a chicken. They designed a special knife to do just that and called it Honesuki (quite plainly, Hone means bones, suki means to cut). It's sharp, pointy tip is perfect for the task at hand. However, this knife can't be used for any other task!


Vinyl player

Does music sound better on vinyl? I doubt so, or at least I haven't been trained to notice. That said, the act of selecting a vinyl, taking it out carefully and placing it on a player gets me excited about the music. The inability to skip songs makes me listen to an entire album. Paired with great speakers, the experience is as close as you get to a live performance in the living room.


New experiences

These things create new experiences at home. Making coffee in the morning, cooking during the day, and listening to music at night. Its the simple things in life that makes us truly happy!

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